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Level Up Your Resin Crafting Experience with Alumilite’s Amazing Resin Remover!💥

Fed up with the cleaning nightmares after your epoxy resin projects? Say hello to Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover!

Eco-Friendly & Skin-Friendly

Easy to Use: No Hassle, Just Results!

Dissolves Uncured Epoxy Resin

Gentle on Skin, Tough on Resin

No More Sticky Bottles Tools or Workspace

The Clear Winner for Woodturners!

The ultimate urethane resin for unmatched clarity and effortless shine. Embed with crystal-clear perfection, polish to a flawless mirror finish, and enjoy lasting beauty with superior UV resistance over epoxy resins.

✅ Extended Work Time: 12-minute working time large projects​

Crystal Clear: High-impact, mica & dye friendly for vibrant finishes

Simple Mixing: 1:1 ratio by weight, low viscosity for bubble reduction

Smooth Finish: Easily turn, sand, and polish to a mirror-like shine