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Corbels, highly detailed trim, switch plates, receptacle plates, ceiling medallions, ornamental features and decorations (and more!) can all be replicated or repaired with Alumilite’s molding materials and casting resins.

  • Make your own custom parts and pieces - Use Alumilite resin to make your own custom ceiling light molds, doorknobs, switch plates, decorative medallions, trims and more.
  • Repair and restore homes - Alumilite resin is easy to use to repair and restore aging pieces in buildings, to seal old wood, and to give your home a fresh look.
  • Restore and repair aging or decaying home structures - Use Alumilite materials to restore aging building structures and seal in old wood, giving your home a fresh look.
  • Use Alumilite dyes and colors to give the newly restored pieces in your home an eye-catching finish.

Top Products for Restoration

Plat 40

Ideal for molds that need a combination of stability and flexibility

Plat 40


Alumilite White

Perfect cosmetics and intricate details

Alumilite  White


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