Amazing Casting Resin

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Amazing Casting Resin (also known and sold as Alumilite White) is an easy to use white urethane resin that creates a durable casting with perfect cosmetics and intricate details.

  • Transitions from clear to opaque white when curing
  • Easily dyed or painted

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

KIT SIZE:  16 fl. oz. (8 fl. oz. Side A + 8 fl. oz. Side B)


Technical Specifications

Amazing Casting Resin
Mix Ratio:
1:1 by weight or volume
Pot Life:
2 minutes
Demold Time (100 gram mass):
5-10 minutes
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
Specific Gravity:
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240):
72 D
Shrinkage (in./in.):
Tensile Strength (ASTM D638, psi):
Elongation (in./in.):
Heat Deflection Temperature:
185º F


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    I love how easy it is to mix and the set time is wonderful. I wish it would be as hard as the tan and black casting resins when it's completely cured.

    Posted by Jeff Ryan on Sep 25th 2020

    Price is great and the shipping is very prompt. Thanks guy!!