Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover

Love crafting but hate the cleanup? You're not alone!

✅ Quick & Powerful: Effortlessly dissolve uncured resin and save valuable time! 

✅ Eco-Friendly: A green choice that loves the planet as much as you do! 

✅ Skin-Safe: Clean with peace of mind, knowing your skin is safe from irritation. 

✅ Extend Tool Life: Keep your crafting tools in pristine condition for longer! 

Multi-Surface Magic: Say goodbye to resin on a ton of work surfaces! 

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Make Cleanup a Breeze!

✅ Dissolves Uncured Epoxy Resin

✅ Fast, Effective, and Safe Resin Removal

🚫 No More Sticky Bottles, Tools, and Workspace

🚫 No Harsh Chemicals or Solvents


Kelly Johnson and Jessica Abella holding bottles of Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover


Ready for a Messy Breakup?

Stuck in a messy relationship with your crafting resin? It's time for a breakup. Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover is the 'It's not you, it's me' your crafting mess needs to hear. Just, rub those hands together, rinse with soapy water and consider that sticky relationship over!

Kelly Johnson and Jessica Abella holding bottles of Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover

Say Goodbye to Sticky Tools!

Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover breaks down the molecular structure of uncured epoxy resin, making it easy to wipe away or rinse off. Whether you're dealing with a tiny smudge or a large spill, is your go-to solution. Perfect for work tables, craft tools, mixing containers, and even your hands!


Gentle Formula

Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover is designed to dissolve uncured resin effortlessly, leaving your workspace and hands clean.


Soft on Skin

Clean with peace of mind! Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover is as kind to your skin as it is tough on resin.



Designed with environmental sustainability in mind. It's a green alternative to harsh, chemical-based resin cleaners.

🤔 What is Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover?

🌟 Let's break it down. This isn't just another cleaner; it's your crafting sidekick! Specifically formulated to dissolve uncured epoxy resin, this game-changer transforms messy crafting into a breeze. Whether it's a tiny dribble or a major spill, this eco-friendly and non-toxic formula tackles it all, leaving your workspace, tools, and even your hands spotless. So go ahead, unleash your creativity without worrying about the mess—you've got Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover in your corner!

🍃 Is it eco-friendly?

🌱 You bet! Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover is made with ingredients that are as kind to the planet as they are to you. But even though it's non-toxic, we still recommend keeping it out of reach of your little ones and furry friends. Better safe than sorry, right? So go ahead, make your art and crafts as messy as you want; just keep the cleanup grown-up-only.

🧼 How do you remove epoxy resin?

💦 To remove uncured epoxy resin, Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover is your go-to solution. Just apply a few drops onto the area with the uncured resin, then rub it in gently to break down the stickiness. Wipe away the residue with a cloth, and then rinse the area with soapy water. It's that simple! This cleaner works wonders on a range of surfaces—work tables, tools, mixing containers, and even clothing. Just remember to do a spot test on delicate materials before going all in. 🧼

🎨 Is it suitable for all crafting surfaces?

🌟 Wondering if Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover plays nice with all your crafting surfaces? You bet it does! From work tables to craft tools and mixing containers, this cleaner is the versatile buddy you've been waiting for. Its gentle yet effective formula means you can use it on a variety of materials without a hitch. So go ahead, get your craft on, and let Alumilite take care of the mess. 🙌

👕 Can it remove stains on fabric and carpet?

✨ Ever lean over your latest masterpiece and your shirt touches the edges? Or, maybe a rogue drip lands on your carpet, or even your hair gets caught in the mix while you're doing some last-minute touch-ups. We get it—crafting can be a messy affair. That's where Alumilite Amazing Resin Remover comes in. This wonder-product tackles uncured resin on surfaces, from fabric to carpet and more. Before going full-on, though, always remember to do a spot test on delicate or colorful materials. Just dab a tiny amount on a hidden area, let it sit for a minute, then wipe and rinse. Craft without the worry of messes—you've got Alumilite on your side! ✨🙌

🛡 Can this remove cured epoxy resin?

🕶 Alumilite takes pride in developing epoxy resins that are incredibly durable once cured, making them some of the toughest products on the market. Given this strength, our Amazing Resin Remover is designed specifically for uncured epoxy resin messes. It's fantastic at tackling spills, smudges, and mishaps that occur during your crafting process, but it's not formulated to remove or weaken cured or dried epoxy resin. So while it's your go-to solution for all things messy in the crafting stage, it won't work on your finished, cured projects.

Early Testers Are Raving!

TK Fareed

Kelly said Alumilite had a new product that would completely remove uncured resin. I was skeptical at first, I gave it a shot, and let's just say, uncured resin doesn't stand a chance!

Annie Morcos

Alumilite, where have you been all my life? I got resin on my sweater, the Remover worked like a charm. Seriously, this stuff is Amazing!

Karim Aboud

Kelly and Jess were joking about a 'messy breakup' with their resin passion—turns out they were talking about Alumilite's Resin Remover. We gave it a go, and wow, it's like relationship therapy for resin artists!