Amazing UV Resin

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Crafting at the Speed of Light!

Rapid Curing Technology: Step into a world where your artistic visions come to life faster than ever!

User-Friendly: Say goodbye to the hassle of measuring and mixing. Just pour, cure, and adore!

Customize with Ease: A tiny amount of mica powder, alcohol ink, or glitter transforms this clear UV Resin into a vibrant masterpiece!


Pick Your Perfect Size: Available in various sizes to suit every project!

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 Crafting at the Speed of Light!

Pour, Cure, and Adore

✅ Versatile for All Projects

✅ High-Gloss Finish

🚫 No Measuring or Mixing

🚫 No Long Wait Times


Alumilite Amazing UV Resin with light


Craft Faster, Craft Smarter!

Tired of watching epoxy cure? Zoom past the boredom and start crafting at the speed of light with our UV Resin! It's like putting a turbocharger in your crafting toolkit. In just minutes, under UV light or even natural sunlight, see your artistic dreams harden into high-gloss reality. It's your creative sprinter in a bottle!

Alumilite Amazing UV Resin


Craving Crafting Convenience?

Fed up with the fuss of mix and measure? Embrace the ease with our Effortless UV Resin! It's as simple as pour, cure, and adore. Under UV light (365-395nm), watch as your project blossoms from concept to reality in just 2-10 minutes.


Colorful Artistry

Craft with a spectrum of possibilities. It pairs perfectly with mica, ink, and glitter.

Crafting Made Simple

Our resin streamlines your crafting process. Just pour, cure, and adore. No need for measuring or mixing.


Versatile Excellence

Embrace a wide array of projects with UV resin, ensuring a smooth finish for every unique creation.

🌞 What's the difference between UV resin and epoxy resin?

🌟 UV resin cures with ultraviolet light and is typically used for small projects like jewelry. Epoxy resin, on the other hand, cures with a hardener and is more versatile, suitable for larger items like coasters and tray.

🤔 Why isn't my UV resin curing properly?

There could be several reasons: using the wrong mold (large, deep, or opaque molds are a no-go), incorrect pigments (some pigments don't work well with UV resin), not enough UV light exposure, or adding too much pigment or glitter which blocks the light.

🍯 How can I avoid tacky or sticky surfaces?

This issue often arises from incomplete curing. Ensure you're following the recommended guidelines for mixing and measuring, and use a proper UV light source. A thin clear layer of UV resin can also be applied and cured if the surface is sticky.

🧼 What causes bubbles, and how do I prevent them?

Bubbles can form when resin is stirred too vigorously or when it's too thick. Gently stir the resin and let it rest before curing to allow bubbles to rise. You can also use a heat gun to pop surface bubbles.

🌪 How do I handle warping in my UV resin projects?

Warping can be due to uneven curing, excessive shrinkage, improper mold use, inadequate UV light exposure, or poor quality resin. Ensure even exposure to UV light, avoid excessive heat, and use high-quality resin. Try moving the light further away from the resin to slow down the curing to reduce heat.

🛡 Is it necessary to cure both sides of my resin project?

🕶 Yes, especially for thicker projects. This ensures that the entire piece is properly cured and reduces the risk of a tacky or uncured center.

🌈 Adding Color to Amazing UV Resin

UV resins open a world of creative possibilities with their fast curing and ease of use. If you want to add a splash of color, here's what you need to know: 🌈✨

🎨 Compatible Colorants

  • Mica Powder: Adds a beautiful shimmer and pearlescent effect.
  • Alcohol Inks: Create vibrant, translucent colors with swirls and marbled effects.
  • Glitter: Offers playful sparkle and dimension.
  • Liquid Pigments: Specifically designed for resin, these offer concentrated color.

🔮 Tips for Success

  • Less is More: Start with tiny amounts of colorant. Overdoing it can block the UV light, leading to improper curing and a soft or sticky result.
  • Clear Molds: Let the colors shine! Clear molds ensure maximum light penetration for a complete cure.
  • Thorough Mixing: Use a separate cup to mix your resin and colorant before pouring into your mold. This ensures even color distribution.
  • Mica Dusting: For a clear interior with a colorful shimmer, lightly dust your mold with mica powder before adding the resin.
  • Curing Both Sides: Always cure both sides of your project for optimal results.
  • Tacky Surfaces: If you encounter stickiness, a thin top coat of resin and additional curing time should solve the problem.
  • Layering: Create depth and dimension by layering different colors of resin. Cure each layer partially before adding the next.
  • Test Swatches: Always test your color combinations in small batches before committing to your main project.

⚠ Important Notes:

  • Some pigments may not be compatible with UV resin. Always test with a small sample before coloring a large batch.
  • The intensity of the color depends on the amount of colorant and the thickness of your project.

🌟🌈 Embrace the rainbow of opportunities with Alumilite's UV resins and watch your creative projects come to life!

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Tara Hardy

The UV Resin is amazing! I've literally never had UV resin that has cured well. And I have used a ton of brands.


Maria Baldwin

Loved it!! No issues at all. Positive: clear, not tacky, cured perfectly. No negatives.



Desiree Delorge

LOVE the light and the UV resin!!