Dome Molds

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Contains 2 flat-bottom dome molds in two different sizes

Sturdy molds that can be used with a variety of casting materials

Great for creating paper weights or decorative resin trinkets 

Make memories last by transforming your favorite photos into one-of-a-kind custom paper weights or create your own personalized trinkets using Alumilite’s Mold-It Cast-It Dome Molds. Encapsulate photos, flowers and greenery, buttons, glitter, confetti, small figures, and more with these dome casting molds. Use them to make the perfect gift for friends and family or cast a memorable keepsake to treasure for years.

Sizes include:

4 x 2”

3 x 1.25”

Durable plastic molds can be utilized to cast projects out of materials like epoxy resin

Endless encapsulation possibilities

Easy-to-release castings

Easy-to-clean molds