Mold Release & Conditioner

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All molds require mold release when casting with Clear Polyester Casting Resin. We recommend Mold Release/Conditioner as a release agent and to clean, condition and extend the life of your molds. Convenient 4 oz. spray pump for easy of application. Odorless, solvent free. 4 oz/118 ml.

✅ Easy Demolding: Specifically designed for use with Clear Polyester Casting Resin to ensure smooth release.

✅ Dual-Purpose: Acts as a release agent and conditions, cleans, and extends mold life.

✅ Convenient Packaging: Comes in a 4 oz. spray pump for effortless application.

✅ Odorless: Enjoy a scent-free casting experience.

✅ Solvent-Free: Safe for use without harsh chemicals.

✅ Perfect Size: 4 oz/118 ml bottle is ideal for multiple projects.