Performance 65D

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Performance 65D is a rigid yet flexible urethane elastomer – it’s perfect for parts that will be under repeated strain, stress or impact.

  • Ultra-high impact and tear properties
  • Can be hand-poured or dispensed with equipment
  • Easily pigmented

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.


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    Performance 65D

    Posted by Tim on Jul 1st 2020

    I have recently purchased, and have attempted to use alumilite performance 65d, I am using it to make, or attempt to make casts of toys using a silicone mould. The molds are made from smooth on oomoo 30, and moldstar 15slow. I also use a pressure pot to make my casts.i have had very bad luck using this (softer) resin, I use multiple resins for my casts, and this stuff, still has bubbles and missing many spots that should have been filled .. when It cured, the piece was soft, and spongy, not firm, and frankly,it's something I will NEVER use this again. I wish I could send the rest back and have them send me something that does not have issues with bubbles, problems adding color, and the weird texture after curing.