Silicones Overview

Explore all of our mold making Silicones here.

Amazing Casting Products

The complete line of Amazing Mold Making products is a great place to start when you’re ready to start making molds.

Amazing Mold Putty

Amazing Mold Putty is an extremely easy to use 2-part silicone mold making putty that allows you to have a mold ready in under 20 minutes.

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Amazing Mold Rubber

Amazing Mold Rubber is an easy to use tin-based silicone mold-making material that cures quickly and picks up intricate details.

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Amazing Remelt

Amazing Remelt is a mold making material that is reusable and non-toxic. Amazing Remelt can be used to make new molds time and time again.

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Choosing your High Strength Silicone

Learn which High Strength silicone is right for your project.

High Strength 1

Use High Strength 1, a tin-based silicone mold making rubber, when your mold requires a little more stiffness but still need exceptional tear strength.

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High Strength 2

High Strength 2 is a tin-based silicone mold making rubber with high tear strength and is great for making all types of molds – it’s soft enough for 1-piece molds with undercuts and strong enough for 2-piece molds with secure alignment.

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High Strength 3

High Strength 3 is our most flexible tin-based silicone mold making rubber – it’s great for making molds of parts with deep undercuts or negative space.

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What Plat to use

Learn what Plat silicone rubber is right for your project


Plat 10 is a platinum-based silicone mold making rubber that cures extremely soft and pliable. It’s ideal for intricate molds with undercuts or negative space due to its high flexibility.

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Plat 25 is a platinum-based silicone mold making rubber than when cured yields a soft and pliable rubber while maintaining the mold’s structural properties.

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Plat 40 is a platinum-based silicone mold making rubber that cures flexible and with medium hardness. It’s ideal for molds that need a combination of stability and flexibility.

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Plat 55

Plat 55 is a platinum-based silicone mold making rubber that is perfect for making stiff, stable molds.

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MOld Putty

Mold Putty is a food-safe, easy to use, two-part silicone putty that allows you to make a flexible rubber mold in just ten minutes.

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Mold Putty-15

Mold Putty 15 is a two-part silicone mold making putty with a long open time that allows you to create larger-scaled projects.

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Quickset is a tin-based mold making silicone that is ideal for one- or two-piece molds that don’t require a lot of stress or flexibility.

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Trans 40 is a translucent, platinum-based silicone rubber that is ideal for molds that require visual inspection or for creating prototype designs.

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