TRANS 40 Translucent Silicone Rubber

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Trans 40 is a translucent, platinum-based silicone rubber that is ideal for molds that require visual inspection or for creating prototype designs.

  • Vacuum degassing is highly recommended to achieve clarity
  • Ideal for making simple one- and two-piece molds
  • Contamination from sulfur, amines, tin compounds, cured polyester resin, some paints and some silicones may inhibit surface cure of platinum-cured rubbers

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

$33.99 - $200.99

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    Does what it says

    Posted by Miku King on May 9th 2021

    I've used this for years and works well for my needs and at a good price compared to getting silicone at craft stores. While it does cure clear, after repeated use the mold does get cloudy but that's to be expected.

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    Product will not cure

    Posted by Ben on Sep 15th 2020

    I purchased quite a few items from the Alumilite store to begin a project, and this is the first of the items that they attempted to use. I haven’t tried to use any others since then because of the issues that the clear silicone kit has created for me so far. I attempted to make a mold and started to wait the suggested 24 hours, or maybe it was 48. Regardless, it’s been over four days now and it is still not cured and doesn’t show any signs of improvement. Luckily I bought a back up item that wasn’t as ideal but before trying to figure out how to clean the uncured silicone off of my model, I figured I would call the customer service before leaving a negative comment, And give them a chance to help me out in someway whether it would be sent me a different product, trying to figure out where I went wrong so I don’t do so again, or really any advice on how to continue without any other hiccups or issues, so I did so yesterday. They were closed, so I left a message,hoping they would get back to me sometime early in the day. After waiting quite a few hours, the prompt said I’d be helped in about 3 minutes.. half an hour later waiting I just decided to hang up and write my review. My Trans 40 curing has become a mess and without any response from Alumilite, I went to google. It looks like this issue is not a first time problem, and for the previous user recommended picking up some alcohol to try to salvage my model, but I don’t what percent alcohol is ideal and if regular nail polish remover should do the trick on the material I’m making the mold out of with the silicone. Still waiting to find out how to clean this mess up and try round #2, but I can’t really move forward without advice because I can’t afford to have this happen a second time.. too much time and energy for what I thought’d be a reasonably tacke-able project..