Summer Resin Tips

Posted by Alumilite on Jul 11th 2024

Summer Resin Tips

As we embrace the warmer days, we need to ensure that our resin stays in good condition. With the summer heat, it’s crucial to take extra care in storing and handling your resin to avoid any potential issues that could affect your projects. ☀
people holding alumilite resin on the beach


Storing Your Resin 📦

  1. Cool & Dark: Store your resin in a cool, dark place. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can break down the resin's formulation, causing it to lose its clarity, flexibility, and overall quality.
  2. Consistent Temperature: Aim for a stable temperature, ideally between 60°F and 75°F (15°C to 24°C). Fluctuations can affect the resin's consistency and performance.
  3. Seal it Tight: Make sure your resin containers are tightly sealed to prevent moisture and air from getting in. We recommend wiping the tops of the containers with a paper towel to prevent your caps from getting stuck.

Ideal Pouring Conditions 🫗

  1. Temperature Control: Pour your resin in a well-ventilated, temperature-controlled environment. Avoid working in spaces that are too hot or too humid.
  2. Humidity Matters: Aim for a humidity level below 60%. High humidity can cause cloudiness and bubbles in your resin.


Protecting Your Finished Projects ⚔

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause your resin creations to yellow and degrade over time. Display your finished pieces in shaded areas of your home to maintain their vibrancy.

UV Protection: Consider using our Amazing Clear Cast Plus that has UV-protection. This helps prevent any color changes from the sun and keeps your projects looking fresh and new.

Cool Display Areas: If your resin projects feel warm to the touch, it's best to move them to a cooler area. Excessive heat can warp or distort your work, so aim to keep your finished pieces in temperature-controlled spaces.

Let’s make this summer the season of stunning, crystal-clear resin creations! Have fun, stay cool, and happy crafting!