Alumilite Resin Spray & Sealer (High Gloss)

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Alumilite Resin Spray & Sealer is a fast drying, high solids acrylic spray.  This product is ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as paper or wood prior to flood coating with EnviroTex Lite. Apply to delicate surfaces such as dried flowers and fabrics to add a little stiffness and support before coating with EnviroTex Lite.  ETI Resin Spray and Sealer can also be used as a “bonding agent” on surfaces which are hard to bond to such as plastics, glass & metal. Have a clear resin casting that you had to sand or modify? Apply a coat of ETI's Resin Spray & Sealer to gloss the surface back to a shine! Can also be applied to slightly tacky resin surfaces that can sometimes occur when using polyester casting resin.

✅ Produces a Clear, High Gloss Finish

✅ Can be used as a Sealer or Finish

✅ Fast Drying Acrylic Spray Aerosol