Premier Gift Pack (20 pack)

Introduce vivid color into your artwork with Color Creator’s Premier Gift Pack, which contains a total of 20 additives. Use this incredible combination of highly-pigmented translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter to breathe even more life into your hobby and craft projects. 

✅ Vivid Color Introduction: Color Creator's Premier Gift Pack brings vibrant hues to your artwork.

✅ Comprehensive Set: Contains a total of 20 additives for a wide range of applications.

✅ Dynamic Combination: Features highly-pigmented translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter.

✅ Enhanced Creativity: Perfect for adding depth and sparkle to hobby and craft projects.

✅ Endless Possibilities: Unlocks limitless creative potential with a variety of color and texture options.

Safety Data Sheet

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What's in the Box?

Ten 10-mililiter bottles of Translucent Alcohol Ink Dye

Gardenia White, Galaxy Black, Deep Sea Blue, Fiji Green, Rainforest Green, Canary Yellow, Papaya Orange, Hibiscus Red, Flamingo Pink, and Wild Orchid Purple

Five 10-gram bags of Mica Powders

Diamond Dust, Gold Metallic, White Metallic, Silver Metallic, and Bronze Metallic

Five 10-gram bags of Fine Glitter

Holographic Gold, Holographic Silver, Holographic Black, Holographic Red, and Holographic Blue


  • You only need a little to produce striking results.
  • There are a variety of colors and additives for every craft occasion.
  • It’s super easy to use, simply add a little + mix to thoroughly combine!
  • It has wide applications; use it as a colorant for epoxy crafting, soap and candle making, and more.