Pacific Gift Pack (12 Pack)

Add a splash of vibrant color to your art with Color Creator’s Pacific Gift Pack, which contains a total of 12 additives. Surf, sand, and sun are within your grasp with this combination of translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter. Mix and match to add color and the most beautiful effects to your DIY crafts and hobby projects!

✅ Vibrant Color Splash: The Pacific Gift Pack from Color Creator infuses art with vivid hues.

✅ 12 Additive Assortment: Comes with a dozen unique color additives for broad creative expression.

✅ Surf, Sand, & Sun Palette: Inspired by the beauty of the beach, offering translucent dyes, mica powders, and fine glitter.

✅ DIY Craft Enhancement: Ideal for adding depth, sparkle, and stunning effects to various hobby projects.

Safety Data Sheet

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What's in the Box?

Five Translucent Alcohol Ink Dye

Gardenia White, Deep Sea Blue, Baja Blue, Fiji Green, Rainforest Green

Five 10-gram bags of Mica Powder

Diamond Dust Metallic, Crater Lake Blue Metallic, Ocean Blue Metallic, Blue Green metallic, White Metallic)

Two 10-gram bags of Fine Glitter

Holographic White and Holographic Blue


  • A small amount of colorant produces gorgeous pigments!
  • It’s easy to use, simply add a little and mix to thoroughly combine!
  • There are a variety of additives for all craft occasions.
  • It has wide applications; use in everything from resin crafting to soap and candle making.