HydroCast Starter Kit


✅ Fun & Easy to Use: Jump right in with a simple 3:1 mix ratio. (we make 3:1 easy because we provide you with the right scoops)

✅ Customizable: Mix in pigments or craft terrazzo chips for one-of-a-kind designs. Also paintable and sealable for that perfect finish.

✅ Functional Decor: Personalize and enhance your space.

✅ Natural Matte Finish: Capture every intricate detail and texture effortlessly.

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Craft Your Dreams Into Reality

Customizable with pigments or terrazzo; paintable & sealable.

✅ Substainable, mineral-based compound.

🚫 Say Goodbye to long curing times.

🚫 No more high gloss finish.

Hydrocast items made with terrazzo chips

Fall In Love With HydroCast

The naturally bright white hue of HydroCast ensures that every fine detail is replicated with stunning clarity. The matte finish enhances the aesthetic, while the quick demolding time enables efficient production without compromising quality.

Hydrocast items made with terrazzo chips

Crafting Stone-cold Masterpieces

HydroCast's versatility makes it the perfect sidekick for everything from jewelry, candle holders, planter pots, and home décor. Its ability to mimic the texture of stone means if you can dream it, you can pour it!



HydroCast is durable, flame-resistant, and gains water resistance with the addition of a sealer, making it ideal for a variety of projects.



HydroCast's ability to cast into molds makes it perfect for creating decorative art, home decor, and sculptural pieces. It easily caters to intricate designs and detailed work.


Matte Finish

Achieving that high end stone-like finish,  has never been easier. Designed to settle into a perfect matte texture as it cures, saving you time and effort while delivering beautiful results every time.

🤔 What is HydroCast?

🌟 HydroCast's 3:1 mix ratio provides a sustainable alternative to traditional resins. This mineral-based material effortlessly mimics stone's appearance, composed of a casting compound and acrylic hardener for simplicity and sustainability combined.

🍃 Does it provide a greener option without sacrificing quality?

🌱 Yes! Its sustainable formula offers a guilt-free crafting experience, ensuring your projects are not only stunning but also sustainable. Once cured, HydroCast becomes a solid material without emitting harmful substances, making it safe for indoor use due to its non-toxic nature.

🪄 Why should I choose HydroCast?

⭐ HydroCast is more robust and less prone to yellowing compared to resin. It's light weight nature, makes it perfect for weight-sensitive applications. Plus, its matte finish seamlessly complements any home decor.

🎨 Will my projects last?

🪨 Despite its substainable formula, HydroCast does not compromise on durability, ensuring that creations are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

🌈 Can it be used to create terrazzo chips? 

💥 HydroCast is great for making custom terrazzo chips in different colors. Mix colored HydroCast, break or cut it into small pieces, then add them into fresh HydroCast or other compatible materials to create terrazzo-style projects. It's easy to customize chip size, color, and placement.

🌟 Why Does  my hydrocast appear spotty?

⭕ To prevent a spotty appearance, ensure thorough mixing of HydroCast. It's essential to blend the mixture well to eliminate lumps. Make sure HydroCast pigments are evenly dispersed throughout for a consistent finish.

🖌 Can I add acrylic paint to Hydrocast?

🎨 Feel free to experiment, but be mindful of the ratio. Adding excessive paint, especially water-based acrylics, can impede the curing process. You can achieve great results with acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and mica powders. However, HydroCast pigments offer richer colors compared to acrylics, even the higher-priced ones. Just one drop can make a significant color difference.


⌛ Allow a full 24 hours before beginning the sanding process. Begin with a course grit, such as 180, and gradually progress to a fine grit, approximately 400, for a smooth finish.

⏳ How long should i WAIT BETWEEN pouring LAYERS?

🫗 We recommend pouring another layer In less than an hour, once the material reaches the 'tack-free' stage, it's best to proceed with the next layer. Waiting too long may require sanding first before pouring a new layer for proper adhesion. It's crucial to complete any layering within this timeframe.


🧯HydroCast is fire-resistant because of its mineral-based composition. With a suitable water-proof sealer, it can also become water-resistant, However, the level of water resistance depends on the sealer used. Adding a sealer doesn't significantly impact its fire resistance. Just make sure the sealer you choose is compatible with HydroCast to keep its fire-resistant qualities intact.