Alumilite Dye

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Use Alumilite dyes to add color to your casting resins! Dyes can be used in clear resins for translucent castings, with epoxy for dynamic coatings, or in opaque resin for solid bold colors.

  • Use smallest amount possible to achieve desired color (up to 5%)
  • Alumilite Dye is very concentrated. In some instances it's necessary to use less than 1 drop to achieve color in small resin batch. This can be achieved by adding a spec of dye to the tip of a stir stick rather than dispensing into the resin.
  • Opaque dyes contain fillers that may settle in the bottle. To maintain consistent color, agitate/stir prior to use.

Translucent colors include green*, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue.

*Note that Green translucent dye is not compatible with epoxy chemistry and will shift to a blue color. This is due in part to chemistry, but also shift in hues (yellowing) over time of epoxy, causing changes in color. 

Opaque colors include white, black, flo red, flo orange, flo yellow, flo green, flo pink, tan, beige, and dark brown. Some translucency can be achieved by adding an incredibly small amount of these dyes to clear resin.

1 oz. Complete Set (All Colors) does not include Tan, Beige, or Dark Brown dyes.

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

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    All Color Resin Dye Pack...Buy it!!

    Posted by Decor Via Tawanna on Dec 16th 2020

    First, these colors are beyond beautiful! Second, as stated a little goes a long way. So I recommend buying the "All Colors" kit and the three colors not included as well. It's worth the investment and you won't need more for a while. Mine came in I guess what is the updated bottles with the twist tops like school glues, no more cutting the tips too big or small. I use toothpicks for an even better stretch. Also Flo Pink is not list but IS included in the "All Colors" kit you don't need to buy a separate one like I did. The mixture settles and separates in the bottle so don't worry about how full the bottle looks, you're getting 1oz. (yes I measured them) They just need to be shaken, stirred or whatever you prefer but MIX before using especially the first time. Happy creating!

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    Best Resin Dye I've Used

    Posted by Nicole (Fairies And Fancies) on Dec 8th 2020

    This stuff is the best! A little goes a long way, so start with a little bit of dye and work up if you need to. Colors are vibrant and work amazing with ACC+. I want to get every color!

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    Best colors EVER!!!

    Posted by Andee Howard on Sep 11th 2020

    I came to the resin hobby through UV resins, and I love my Alumilite dyes. They beat the intensity of other dyes or alcohol inks that I had used before! A little goes a very long way, so invest in a box of toothpicks for adding color. You very rarely will need a full drop unless you are mixing a considerable amount of resin (gallons) that needs a tiny tint or if you want INTENSE colors. Did I say intense? I mean it! Every color I own is well worth it!

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    Posted by Don Barker on Aug 19th 2020

    It doesn't take much to achieve an opaque color. I did a test mix with resin about the size of a half-dollar coin and dipped the tip of a toothpick into the bottle and the results were beyond translucent. A very potent tint. A little goes a very long way. I would even say I might like a reducer for this as it may even be too strong for a small project.

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    Posted by Samantha on Jun 10th 2020

    We purchased the Ocean blue dye for our river table. A tiny bit of dye goes a long way and it's a beautiful color!

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    Dyes and resins

    Posted by Jesse Manor on May 4th 2020

    I do a lot of resin work and Alumilite is consistent which is very important to my business. All the products work better than all the others I have tried so I highly recommend Alumilite.