Bottle Cap Coasters

Posted by Alumilite on May 31st 2024

Bottle Cap Coasters

Create your own unique bottle cap coasters with this step-by-step guide. This project allows you to preserve and display your favorite bottle caps in, eye-catching resin coasters. Follow the instructions to make personalized coasters that are perfect for any beverage enthusiast!

📚 Project Guide: Making Resin Coasters with Bottle Caps 👍

Learn how to make personalized bottle cap coasters with Alumilite's easy-to-follow guide.


🎨 DIY Bottle Cap Coasters

What you'll need:


Amazing Clear Cast Starter Kit

✅ Silcone Coaster Mold

✅ 8 oz+ Mixing Cup

✅ Gloves

✅ Bottle Caps

Recommended Safetly Equipment



🪄 Instructions:

1. Prepare Your Work Area and Your Epoxy- For the best results, epoxy should be mixed and poured at an ambient temperature of 70–75°F. Ensure your work area is clean and clear, and any important items around your pour area are out of reach of your epoxy. Set up a silicone pad or wax paper for this project.

PRO TIP: The 1 oz cups included in the kit can be used as measuring cups. Mark one cup as “Side A” and the other mixing cup as “Side B.” These can be reused throughout the length of your project. Do not pour Side A epoxy in a Side B cup or vice versa.

2. Prepare Your Mold- Clean your silicone mold to ensure there is no dust or debris.

PRO TIP: Make sure the mold is completely dry before pouring the resin to avoid any imperfections on the surface of your coaster.

3. Mix Your Resin- Measure equal amounts of Side A and Side B into separate mixing cups. Combine the contents into a single cup and mix slowly for 3-5 minutes, scraping off the walls and bottom of the cup, as well as your stir stick during the process. Continue mixing until the resin has no striations and is clear. Be sure to mix your epoxy thoroughly, or it will not cure correctly.

PRO TIP: The faster you stir, the more air bubbles you incorporate into the resin. Mixing slowly and keeping your mixing stick on the bottom of the mix cup will help to minimize bubbles.

4. Pour the First Layer of Resin- Pour a thin layer of resin into the mold, allow it to self-level and let it sit for a few minutes to release any air bubbles. Use a heat gun to pop any surface bubbles. Hold it about 6-8 inches away from the resin to avoid overheating. Then place the bottle caps in an arrangement of your desire, let cure for at least 4-6 hours.

5. Mix your mica powders and pour the second Layer of Resin- Mix another batch of resin this time mixing in your desired mica powder. Slowly pour this over your cured layer until the mold is filled to the desired thickness. Ensure the resin fully covers the bottle caps and reaches the edges of the mold.

PRO TIP: Pour slowly to minimize the introduction of air bubbles. If bubbles do appear, use a heat gun to remove them as before.

6. Allow the Resin to Cure- Cover your mold to protect it from dust and allow it to cure for the recommended time (usually 24-48 hours) at room temperature. Do not move the mold during this time to avoid any disturbances in the resin.

7. Demold and Finish- Once the resin is fully cured, gently flex the mold to release the coaster. Inspect the coaster for any sharp edges or imperfections. If necessary, sand the edges lightly with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth them out.

PRO TIP: For a glossy finish, you can apply a thin top coat of resin to the surface of the coaster. Mix a small batch of resin (our Amazing Quick Coat would be perfect for this) pour it over the coaster, and spread it evenly using a gloved finger or a clean mixing stick. Allow it to cure as per the resin's instructions.

By following these steps, you will create beautiful, personalized resin coasters with embedded bottle caps. Enjoy your unique and creative project!

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