Alumilite Clear Slow

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The Clear Winner for Woodturners

Elevate your woodturning with Alumilite Clear Slow, the ultimate urethane resin for unmatched clarity and effortless shine. Embed with crystal-clear perfection, polish to a flawless mirror finish, and enjoy lasting beauty with superior UV resistance over epoxy resins.

This quick-curing, professional-grade resin produces strong, turnable blanks for intricate detail work. Achieve woodturning masterpieces faster and with less effort!

✅ Extended Work Time: 12-minute working time large projects​

✅ Crystal Clear: High-impact, mica and dye friendly for vibrant finishes

✅ Simple Mixing: 1:1 ratio by weight, low viscosity for bubble reduction

✅ Smooth Finish: Easily turn, sand, and polish to a mirror-like shine

Note: For best results, use with dry wood and pressure casting.

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The Clear Winner!

✅ 12-minute open time

✅ Simple 1:1 mix ratio by weight

🚫 No long waits, demold in 2-4 hours.

🚫 No more complex mixing calculations


Amazing Clear Slow turning on lathe


Ditch Your Dull Epoxy

Is epoxy polishing leaving your projects flat? Bubbles ruining your day? Yellowing stealing the shine? It's time to break up with frustration and level up your game. Alumilite Clear Slow delivers the crystal-clear casts and mirror-like polish you crave. Ditch dullness and turn out showstoppers that demand attention.

Amazing Clear Slow turning on lathe


Banish Bubbles

Your Guide to Pressure Casting Success

✅ Shallow, open molds: 30 psi is your sweet spot.

✅ Deeper or narrower molds: Increase pressure up to 80 psi for optimal results.

✅ Curing times (at 70-75°F): 2-4 hours under pressure

Cooler temperatures: Extend pressure time to prevent bubble expansion.

👍 No Pressure Pot? No Problem. You can achieve minimal bubbles with slow mixing and pouring.


Precision Turning

Experience a strong, durable, but easily turnable resin for intricate shaping and amazing detail.

Show Stopping Shine

Achieve a flawless, mirror-like polish with less effort than leading epoxy resin systems.


Hybrid Work

Embed stunning elements in crystal-clear, bubble-free castings. Create unique pieces with ease.

Jessica Abella holding bottles of Alumilite Amazing Clear Slow

Polishing Perfection

Alumilite Clear Slow delivers the crystal-clear results you need for stunning woodturning projects. While sanding and polishing are always key, this resin rewards your efforts with a truly exceptional shine.


Mirror Finish

Your Guide to Polishing Alumilite Clear Slow

1. Sanding: Start with coarse-grit sandpaper, gradually progressing to finer grits (4000 - 12000 micromesh is ideal). Wet sand for a smoother finish.

2. Polishing Compound: Apply a polishing compound while buffing at low speeds (about 800rpm).

3. Buffing: Use a soft cloth or polishing wheel (like Ultra Glass Max) for a glossy, high-shine finish.

⭐ No Heat Worries: Alumilite Clear Slow's special formula means less heat-related concerns during sanding and polishing.

⭐ CA Boost: CA glue (cyanoacrylate) finish can increase shine and durability even futher.

💡Pro Tips

🤔 Does Alumilite Clear Slow really cure that much faster than epoxy?

🌟 Absolutely! Clear Slow cures in about 60 minutes, significantly faster than the 8-24 hours needed for standard deep pour epoxy. This efficiency means less downtime and more productivity .

However, when using a pressure pot to reduce bubbles in your project, maintain pressure for 2-4 hours. This prevents bubbles from expanding once pressure is released, avoiding air pockets in your casting. For best results, conducting small scale tests is always advisable to achieve your desired outcome.

🔮 I've heard this resin polishes beautifully. Is it true?

It really does make a difference! Alumilite Clear Slow stands out because it's not only easier to polish compared to many other resins, but it also gives you that high-gloss shine we all love with minimal effort. 🌟✨

And there's more - it's formulated to be extra hard, ensuring a durable finish that stands the test of time. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll appreciate the ease of use and the stunning results you can achieve with Alumilite Clear Slow. 💪🔮

If you're keen on learning more tips for getting the perfect polish or have any other questions, we're just a message away. Let's make your projects shine brilliantly! 🚀

🟡 Will my projects yellow over time?

Unfortunetly, urethanes and epoxy resins will show signs of aging over time. However, Alumilite Clear Slow has been specially designed to minimize yellowing, doing so at a much slower rate compared to many leading brands and most epoxy resin systems out there. 🛡✨

What this means for you is that your creations will stay clear and vibrant, retaining their brilliance for years to come. It's all about giving your projects not just a stunning finish but also a lasting one. 🌟🔮

🎨 Can I add colors to Alumilite Clear Slow?

✨ Adding Micas and Alumilite dyes to Alumilite Clear Slow works like a charm, giving you vibrant results. 🎨 However, steer clear of water-based or solvent-based colorants, as they're not compatible and can lead to foaming or a cloudy finish.

If you're ever unsure about a colorant, run a small scale test. This way, you can ensure everything blends smoothly and the finish is just what you're looking for. 🧪

🌊 I've heard Alumilite Clear Slow is sensitive to moisture. Is this a big problem?

✨ It's best to use well-dried wood (5% moisture or less) and tools like pressure casting for optimal results. Think of it as quality control! This resin helps ensure you're starting with a stable foundation for flawless projects.

As a best practice, cutomers will stablize their wood with Cactus Juice while others have used Penetrating Epoxy if the moisture content is too high.

🛡 Does the mix ratio have to be precise?

Alumilite Clear Slow requires a precise 1:1 mix ratio by weight due to the different densities of Part A and Part B. Measuring by volume might lead to an imbalanced mix, which could give your project a cloudy or frosted appearance. 🌫🔍

An easy fix is to use an inexpensive digital scale and measure out each part in grams. This way, you can ensure you're getting the exact ratio needed for that perfect, crystal-clear finish. Precision is key! ⚖✨

Alumilite Clear Slow
Mix Ratio:
1:1 by weight
Pot Life:
12 minutes
Demold Time (100 gram mass):
2-4 hours
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
Specific Gravity:
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240):
80 D
Shrinkage (in./in.):
Tensile Strength (ASTM D638, psi):
Elongation (in./in.):
Temperature Resistance:
140º F
__Demold Time:
2-4 hours
__Shore Hardness:
80 D
__Prop 65:
__Ground Only: