Alumilite Academy

Gain the proper tools to help you cultivate your crafting curiosities. In these courses, you’ll learn the ins and outs of mold-making and resin casting by developing your skills for future projects.

From a Maker

Get insight into some DIY mold tips and tricks of the industry from Alumilite’s educator and maker, Jordan Shepherd.

From Anywhere

Join Jordan and learn the latest in mold making on any phone, tablet, or computer.

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This course will equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully craft your own silicone mold: planning your mold design, properly measuring and mixing silicone, caring for your mold after it’s finished, and much more. Learn the basics of mold making now, so you can get crafty later.
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Meet Your Instructor

Here to instruct everyone on this mold-making journey is Alumilite’s educator and maker, Jordan Shepherd. Prior to working on Alumilite Academy, Jordan has had experience in a variety of fields including rapid prototyping, sculpturing, model making, special effects, woodworking, arts and crafts, and more. Featured in numerous educational pieces on our website, Jordan has always made it a goal to help people learn how to make what they’re passionate about. Alumilite Academy is no different. With his own passion for problem-solving and love of working with different materials at his side, Jordan continues to fill the rewarding role of educating creators of all skill levels.