AlumiFoam is a 2 part structural foam that provides users with a good skin and an extremely hard, durable, 20 lb density structural foam. AlumiFoam expands 3-5 times the original liquid volume and produces an extremely hard, dense, and durable cast piece with good detail.

AlumiFoam is great for casting light weight fishing lures that require great buoyancy and extreme durability. AlumiFoam is also great for structural reinforcement, rotational molding, and as an accurate replacement for the weight and feel of wood.

Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets linked below.

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    • AlumiFoam 32 oz. Tan

    Note: Alumilite products also available in bulk sizes ... 5 gallons, drums, and totes. Call 800-447-9344

    Product AlumiFoam
    Color Brown
    Mix Ratio (wt. or Vol.) 1:1
    Pot Life (100g mass @ 75 degrees F) 45 seconds
    Rise Time (100g mass @ 75 degrees F) 75-90 seconds
    Demold Time (100g mass @ 75 degrees F) 10-15 minutes
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 300
    Specific Gravity 1.05
    Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) 20 lb. density
    Shrinkage (in./in.) 3-5x expansion
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) (psi) n/a
    Elongation (in./in.) n/a
    Temperature Resistance n/a
    Flex Modulus (psi)—Tear (pli) n/a
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