Alumilite’s Mold Putty 15 is a long open time putty that allows you to work on large scale projects. Mold Putty 15 has a 15 minute open time and 1-2 hour cure time. The Mold Putty 15 also has a higher durometer meaning it is more firm after curing which is generally required when working on larger scale projects. It is FDA compliant and is safe when mixed and used properly for making food safe molds as well as molds of the body that come in contact with skin.

Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets linked below.

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    Mold Putty - 15

    Color Blue
    Mix Ratio  1:1
    Open Time 15 mins
    Demold Time 1-2 hours
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.) putty
    Specific Gravity 1.2
    Shore A Hardness  50 A
    Linear Shrink (%) NIL
    Tear Strength (ppi) 35
    Tensile Strength (psi) 200
    Elongation  100%
    Temperature Resistance (F) -67 to 395
    Vacuum Required No
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