Alumilite’s Vac 50 provides users with an excellent high temperature resistant, aluminum filled, urethane casting resin that is great for nests, fixtures, vacuum form tools, and thermo form tooling. The Vac 50 is highly filled with atomized aluminum powder which produces a hybrid aluminum/urethane tool or cast part. The aluminum filler does settle over time and needs to be agitated prior to use. Once mixed, poured, and cured, the Vac 50 gives you an incredibly tough tooling resin that is great for a wide variety of industrial applications. The material features a 6-8 minute work time with a demold time that ranges from 2-3 hours depending on the mass of the material being cast. Alumilite’s Vac 50 is a best choice when high temperature resistance is required as the aluminum powder in the system helps dissipate the heat more quickly than other urethane systems. The Vac 50 machines beautifully and is highly recommended when post machining is required.

For Lure Making Applications

Vac Master 50 is a high temperature aluminum filled casting material used to make cold cast aluminum molds for injecting soft plastic lures.

Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets linked below.

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    Product Vac-Master 50  
    Color Gray
    Mix Ratio (wt. or Vol.) 1:1
    Pot Life 6-8 minutes
    Demold Time (100 gr. Mass) 2-3 hours
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 1,800
    Specific Gravity 1.15
    Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) 80D
    Shrinkage (in./in.) .0006
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) (psi) 3,390
    Elongation (in./in.) <2%
    Temperature Resistance 275F
    Flex Modulus (psi)—Tear (pli) n/a
    Approx Net Volume 1.5 gal (20lb. Kit)
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