Alumilite's High Strength 1 silicone mold making rubber has a higher durometer than the other High Strength silicones from Alumilite but still maintains the exceptional tear strength which makes it great for one or two piece molds that require a higher hardness. The High Strength 1 measures a 38A shore hardness. The High Strength 1 is a tin base silicone and cures against all different types of clay and substrate without inhibiting. The tin base silicone is a condensation cure and therefore temperature and humidity may affect the cure speed of the rubber. The High Strength 1 has a low viscosity which does not require degassing (always recommended when available) and will pick up the exact detail of your original. Use the High Strength 1 when you need a little more stiffness to your mold but still desire an exceptional tear strength.  Use Alumilite's Rubber to Rubber mold release or petroleum jelly when making 2-piece molds when using the High Strength 1 rubber due to it's extremely high tear strength.

Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets linked below.

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    Alumilite's High Strength 1   

    Color Pink
    Mix Ratio  10:1 by WEIGHT
    Open Time 45 mins
    Demold Time 12-18 hours
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 22,000
    Specific Gravity 1.15
    Shore A Hardness  38
    Linear Shrink (%) .3
    Tear Strength (ppi) 148
    Tensile Strength (psi) 551
    Elongation  430%
    Temperature Resistance (F) -67 to 395
    Vacuum Required No
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