Alumilite’s Replicator 400 provides users with an excellent multi-purpose filled urethane casting system that is extremely user friendly. The Replicator 400 is great for nests, fixtures, vacuum form tools, and thermo form tooling. The cured cast pieces can be easily machined and polished. The Replicator 400 is easy to use and has a mix ratio of 1:1 by weight. The fillers do settle over time and need to be agitated prior to measuring. Once mixed, poured, and cured, the Replicator 400 gives you an incredibly tough tooling resin that is great for a wide variety of industrial applications. The material features a 6-8 minute work time with a demold time that ranges from 2-3 hours depending on the mass of the material being cast. The Replicator 400 contains no solvents which make it a great choice when pouring against polystyrene. The material also features minimal shrink and is fire retardant.

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