Vac Master 50

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Vac Master 50 is an excellent aluminum-filled urethane casting resin and produces a hybrid aluminum/urethane tool or cast part, perfect for industrial prototyping and small manufacturing runs.

  • Great for industrial applications
  • Needs to be agitated before using
  • Easily machined

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

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    Vac master 50

    Posted by Paul on Apr 27th 2020

    This order of vac 50 is junk. Mixed it completely, and after 36 hours still has not hardened (cured). Not happy that all the time I just put into this mold was for nothing.

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    Posted by Stephen Shimizu on Apr 14th 2020

    Great product. Very low shrinkage. Ideal for small molds. Premixed each side in can use separate heavy screwdrivers. Measure by volume or weight. For me volumetric measuring is sometimes easier. First pour water into your mold Then measure that volume. Now make that amount. Use a paintbrush to brush mixed material onto surface of the mold then fill with vac 50. Tap mold on sides. Then slam mold hard on floor. It will free any possible airbubles. Final tip.before it cures fully. Say 80% cure.and you can still stick your nail into surface, demold. And clamp 2 sides of cast mold together. This will make up for any distortion in your silicone master mold. Clamping too hard can also distort the mold