Amazing Clear Cast Plus

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Amazing Clear Cast Plus epoxy provides the same great features of our Amazing Clear Cast including an easy to use 1:1 mix ratio by volume, a brilliant high-gloss durable surface, and is FDA compliant; but now brings the added benefit of industry-leading UV resistance.

  • Can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcoholic inks, or other non-water based colorants
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR 175.300
  • Epoxies in their unmixed state will naturally yellow with time

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

16 oz. Kit = 8 oz. A + 8oz. B

32 oz. Kit = 16oz. A + 16oz. B

1 gal. Kit = .5 gal. A + .5 gal. B

2 gal. Kit = 1 gal. A + 1 gal. B

$28.00 - $178.00

Technical Specifications

Amazing Clear Cast Plus
Mix Ratio:
1:1 by volume
Pot Life:
30-40 minutes
Demold Time (100 gram mass):
24-48 hours
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
Specific Gravity:
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240):
75-77 D
Shrinkage (in./in.):
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638, psi):
Elongation (in./in.):
Heat Resistance:
400º F
Heat Deflection Temperature:
100º F
FDA Compliant:

More Information

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Surface Coating Calculator


  • 1
    bad resin

    Posted by Mike shively on Sep 14th 2020

    I purchased 16oz to try it. Price is good. Smell is good. De mold time is way to long. I mixed it using a digital scale 1 to 1 but this resin never sets up like others and is way to soft. You can bend pen blanks, don't use it on ring cores. Won't buy it again.

  • 5

    Posted by DaLisa Jackson on Sep 12th 2020

    This is honestly my first time ever using this brand, and I gotta say Im in love. I recently needed to switch resin because my old resin was turning yellow way too fast.Im so happy I found this resin. Its super SUPER clear, and I barely have any issues with bubbles

  • 3
    Very runny

    Posted by Stephanie Baldwin-Ross on Sep 12th 2020

    Well, I have finally tried this for my tumbler business. I will say it is crystal clear which is great but it is very thin and runny, the cure time is double what I am used to. I had four tumblers on my turner for about 5 hours and took off for the night to cure. I woke this morning to all of them ruined. The epoxy literally dripped off of them overnight. I won't be purchasing this again and now have a gallon of epoxy that will sit. Maybe I will have to use it for molds or something. I was so excited to try this new epoxy.

  • 5

    Posted by Andee Howard on Sep 11th 2020

    I love my ACC+! It behaves well, has excellent working time for swirls, and even does layered pours beautifully. I mostly do small casting of coasters, and I adore ACC+. I often will cast a project in the evening and then leave in the mold until the next evening. The demold is easy after 12 hours, and if I can leave it for two days, the resin fully cures and loses the soft, partial-cure feel.

  • 5
    Love this product for countertop and tables!

    Posted by Mary Harrison on Sep 9th 2020

    Are used a different brand of UV resistant resin for some of my countertops but was not happy with how quickly it set up. So I purchased Alumilite Clear cast plus for my 13 foot island. It was amazing to work with! Lots of work time and looks like a 13 foot long sheet of glass! I love this product!

  • 5

    Posted by TAMI on Sep 7th 2020


  • 5
    Amazing Clear Cast Plus

    Posted by Brandy on Sep 7th 2020

    Refinished the top of my kitchen island and it came out great! The Alumilite Clear Cast Plus was easy to use and I know my work will not yellow over time.

  • 2
    Will not harden

    Posted by Chelesy Williams on Aug 31st 2020

    I have always used amazing clear clast for my epoxy projects. I was very excited to use the clear cast plus however after multiple tries I cannot get the a Epoxy to harden properly. I use it mostly for tumblers and key chains. I was really disappointed in the finished project. Even days later the key chains are still bendy.

  • 5
    The best resin on the market

    Posted by Cyndi on Aug 28th 2020

    I have been a customer since 2013. I have DREAMED about an ACC+ for YEARS. I am THRILLED with this product. We’ve switched over to using the HS2 and the ACC+ and it’s been a match made in heaven! Yes the cure time is longer but the end results are worth the yellowing trade off. This is GLASS clear, dang near no bubbles either and as others have said, I don’t have to take a torch to it. Next month I’ll be adding resin made trinket boxes in time for Halloween, I can’t wait to bring that vision to life with this! For the semi negative reviews regarding the cure time - that information is available on the listing before buying.