Casting whale wall art

Hi everyone! Lyn here with you today from LynzCraftz. It's no secret that I love summer... the ocean... the beach... the sound of the waves and the salty sea air – so before summer ends, I thought I would get in one last project. I've named it "Whale Song" for obvious reasons...

Products Used


Step 1 Create casts of whale figures using Amazing Clear Cast Resin

I first started with a couple polymer clay whales that I sculpted from Super Sculpey (baked according to package directions). I left each whale flat on the back so I could glue them down. I glued each down into my mold box, then I poured over a batch of Amazing Mold Rubber to create the mold. In a few hours, the mold is cured! I removed the originals and it was time to pour some clear blue resin. For the whales I've mixed up Amazing Clear Cast Resin and Ocean Blue Alumilite Dye... aren't they cute?

Step 2 Paint acrylic background on canvas

Then using a wooden canvas I had purchased, I painted it with some acrylic paints. Just a basic underwater type background which will get mostly covered up.

Step 3 Add Alumidust to resin to add to canvas

Here comes the fun part... I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin and divided it into 5 small cups; adding Alumidust to each cup in similar colors to my painted background in 4 of them. In the fifth one, I added a bit of White Alumilite Dye.


Step 4 Apply colorful resin to canvas and allow to cure

Carefully pouring each of the four colors on their corresponding color area (kinda like a paint by number... LOL), I used a stir stick to help move the colors around. I placed the two original polymer whales along with the blue cast whales into the wet resin background and left it to cure for 3-4 hours before continuing.

Step 5 Mix final batch of resin with metallic powder and coat entire piece

The final step was to mix just a touch (the tip of my pallet knife) of the Alumilite Pearlescent Metallic Powder into another batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, then pour this mixture over the entire piece – whales and all.

Finished Project

After letting this cure overnight, the results are well... AMAZING! You can see the sparkle from the tiny bit of Pearlescent powder that I added to the final layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – it's so pretty! A little bit of work but well worth it in the end.