Here's a fun All Hallow's Eve decoration!

Hello everyone! Kristie Taylor here today and... I just love Halloween! It is by far my favorite holiday! Why you ask? Well it's because I have always been a little weird in that I like skulls, spiders and all things just a little bit creepy – you may have noticed that in my art!

For today's project, we will take two molds from my stash and use them together to create a fun necklace that is just a little bit creepy and perfect to wear for All Hallow's Eve!

Products Used

Step 1 Mix up a batch of resin

Lets start by mixing some Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It's pretty easy... just measure out equal portions of parts "A" and "B".  

Step 2 Thoroughly mix resin and allow a few minutes for bubbles to rise and escape

Then combine and mix together, stirring slowly until there are no streaks or cloudiness. Set this aside for five minutes so that any bubbles created while mixing can rise and escape.

Step 3 Divide resin to be colored

Divide clear resin into two cups; then to one cup I add a very small dot of Alumilite Violet Dye.

Step 4 Fill molds

To the other, I add a very small amount of Interference Purple Alumidust. I stir slowly to incorporate color, then pour these into my two molds – I fill the skull with the lighter color and the frame with the dark violet. I set aside to cure (this usually takes about 24 hours).

Step 5 Remove casting from mold and apply metallic rub

Once cured, I de-mold the beautifully detailed castings and apply some metallic rubs with my fingertips to highlight all that yummy texture!

Step 6 Use strong adhesive to glue cast pieces together

Then, use a strong glue (I like Beacon Powertac) to adhere the two resin pieces together and also to adhere a heat embossed chipboard shape to the back.

Finished Project

To complete, I add findings, a chain, and some sparkly beads. Just like that, we have a uniquely cool piece that is just a little bit spooky!