Posted by Alumilite on Sep 7th 2021


Check out these amazing plates!

Hello everyone! It's Tracy here and I'm super excited to share something I created to display at a Holiday Market that my employer holds every December. I knew I wanted to incorporate a technique I learned about 3 months ago... Fluid (or Flow) Painting.

Products Used

Step 1 Stain wood plates, leaving center unstained

I started by staining two wood plates with Minwax Classic Grey wood stain. I left the centers unstained as I will be painting that area with acrylics.

Step 2 Pick the acrylic paint colors you want to use

After the stain has dried thoroughly, I picked out the Acrylic paint colors I want to use. I usually always include black and white, then 2-3 other colors (here I've used 4 colors of Artist Loft paints from Michaels). If you've never tried Flow Painting, there are tons of videos and techniques on YouTube.

Step 3 Tape edges of plate, carefully add paint to plate, and allow to dry fully

I taped the edges of the plate so I didn't accidentally get paint outside the middle of the plate. Then I took the plate and placed it on top of the cup containing all the colors combined, and flipped over – holding the two tightly together. You want to wait a minute to let all of the paint settle, then lift the cup off of the plate and begin to gently tilt the plate so that the paint covers your surface. After surface is covered, I use a kitchen torch to make more of the "cells" appear (with flame couple of inches above the paint). Gently remove tape and place on a very flat/level surface. It's a good idea to covered them while drying – creating a "hood" so dust does not settle onto the paint. You will need about 24 - 48 hours for the paint to FULLY dry (depending on your climate/conditions drying time may vary).

Step 4 Mix a small batch of resin to cover plate and allow to cure

Now you are ready for your first coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I mixed equal amounts of Parts "A" and "B" (I used two Tbsp. of each) according to the package directions, and poured onto the dry paint, using the stir stick to spread it around. Depending on the size of your substrate, you may need to vary amount of resin needed. I always let the resin cure 24 hours (sometimes even more) to make sure it is fully ready.

Finished Project

I pulled out some of my rub-ons and applied "Live, Laugh, Love" in white and "Family" in black on the two different plates. By placing on top of the cured layer of resin, you will see that the letters sort of "pop off" the plate. I love the dimension that it gives! Now you are ready for a second coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal the letters in place. Spread resin around with your stir stick so it reaches all of the edges. Again, let this cure at least 24 hours (until it isn't sticky).