How do I pour rubber molds?

In this How To you'll learn to pour, mix and make rubber molds.

Products Used

Step 1 Measure

Measure out the amount of rubber you want to mix. Make sure you are going to have enough to completely fill your mold box.

Step 2 Add 1:10 portions

Add (1) part of catalyst to every (10) parts of base.

Step 3 Pour

Pour the catalyst into the base.

Step 4 Mix

Mix thoroughly until an even color is achieved. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom.

Step 5 Does it look the same?

This is what it should look like when completely mixed.

Step 6 Put your custom holds in your mold boxes

Pouring rubber to make your molds is a snap. Just put your custom holds in your mold boxes and begin pouring the mixed rubber over them. Once your silicone rubber (base and catalyst) is mixed, simply pour the rubber in your mold box from one point allowing the rubber to flow naturally and fill the mold box.

Step 7 Completely cover all the originals

Make sure to completely cover all the originals with .25" silicone rubber. You don't have to fill your mold boxes all the way to the top as long as your custom holds are covered by .25" of rubber.

Finished Project

Finish off pouring your rubber, then wait overnight for it to cure before demolding.

And your all done!