Pour Technique: Alcohol Ink

Posted by Alumilite on Sep 22nd 2021

Pour Technique: Alcohol Ink

Why not use ink for your project?

Resin art or science experiment? This fun technique can be used to create smaller cells in resin art.

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Step 1 Calculate amount of resin needed

Start by calculating how much Amazing Clear Cast you will need. Measure the width, length and depth (.125" or 1/8" is recommended per pour) of your surface. Use the calculator page or following calculation below.

Length x Width x Depth x .554 = fl. oz. (total volume of resin needed)

Our panel is 12" x 24" x .125" x .554, so we needed 20 fl. oz. of resin. Mix one batch of clear resin. Pour around 4 oz. of your ready to use resin into a smaller container for accent color. Use the remaining clear resin for the base. We chose White Alumilite Dye.

Step 2 Push resin towards the edges

Begin by slowly pushing resin towards the edges of your panel to allow it to flow over and cover the edges. During this step be sure not to push too much resin off the edges. You just want to help the resin lightly flow over the sides so there are no bare edges.

Step 3 Spray panel with isopropyl alcohol

Once your edges are covered, lightly spray your panel with isopropyl alcohol. The higher percentage the better. We used 91% for this example. This will help pop any surface bubbles and get your panel ready for the alcohol ink

Step 4 Slowly drop alcohol ink onto prepped panel

Hold your alcohol ink above your panel and begin to drop onto the panel. Be careful how much alcohol ink you add to your panel as it will expand quite a bit as the resin cures for 24 hours.

Step 5 Continue adding alcohol ink until happy with panel

Continue to add alcohol ink until you are happy with the amount on the panel. Feel free to add as many colors as you like. For this example we added dark blue and teal alcohol inks.

Step 6 Spray one more mist of isopropyl alcohol and watch the magic

Spray one more fine mist of the alcohol over the entire panel and watch the magic as the inks begin to transform before your eyes!

Finished Project

As the resin cures over the next 18-24 hours the alcohol ink cells will spread and grow in size so be cautious of how much alcohol ink you use on your panel.