Holiday Deer Ornament

How about this to spice up your tree?

Hello fellow creatives! I just love holiday creating and, boy oh boy, these Amazing Casting Products make it so easy!!! Michele here to share a quick and easy Christmas ornament I made to use as a gift topper...or to trim the tree!

Products Used

Step 1 Create a shape to be molded

I started by creating a shape to mold using some various wood pieces. I customized a deer shape by gluing on numbers 2 and 5.

Step 2 Create a mold

I sprayed a tiny bit of Mold Release Spray to the wood to be sure it wouldn't stick to the putty. Then I pressed the wood into a batch of Amazing Mold Putty to create a mold of my wood piece. In about 15 minutes the mold is cured and ready to use. Look how great the piece looks!!!

Step 3 Apply metallic powder to mold

Using a small brush, I added Bronze Alumilite Metallic Powder to the numbers and antlers.

Step 4 Mix a batch of resin and pour into mold

I mixed some Amazing Clear Cast Resin according to the package directions and poured into the mold. It is always a good idea to have other molds handy in case you have any resin left, so it doesn't go to waste!

Step 5 Set aside to cure for 24 hours

I set aside for 24 hours to cure and viola!!! Look how great it looks it looks and it popped right out of the mold.

Finished Project

That metallic bronze is gorgeous! I used my Crop-o-Dile to punch a hole to add a bit of sparkly ribbon to hang the ornament with... easy peasy! This will be perfect from package to tree. What kind of handmade ornaments are you making?