Posted by Alumilite on Sep 22nd 2021


Want to spice up your windows?

Hello Fellow Artists! It's Lara here with a project I've been dreaming of making for some time. Who wants to make some stained glass?! I've transformed an old frame into amazing faux stained glass and I'm excited to share it with you all!

Products Used


Step 1 Find a base for your mold

Find a base for your mold (a frame, in this case), and some plexiglass to create the glass effect as well as a reference for where the stained glass will be

Step 2 Mix up a batch of Amazing Clear Cast

Mix up the first batch of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, using Alumilite dyes with different shades of blue and purple and add some sparkle to the resin with Alumilite Pearlescent Powder.

Step 3 Slowly add resin to each square

Using a stir stick, slowly add resin to each of the squares, focusing on one color at a time.

Step 4 Push resins to edges of squares

Use the stick to push the resin up to the edges of each square to help prevent overflow.

Step 5 Mix and apply one color at a time

Mix and apply one color at a time using the Alumilite Silver Metallic Powder and the clear pearlescent resin. Let it cure overnight.

Finished Project

Add hanging hardware and ribbon and hang it wherever you'd like.