Posted by Alumilite on Sep 4th 2021


How do I cast with metallic powders?

Do you want your casting to have a metal look? With our Metallic Powders you can! Scroll down to learn more about the process.

Products Used


Step 1 Gather materials

Metallic Powders are used to give you the quality metal finish that a paint can not duplicate. You can
reproduce any casting with Alumilite's Copper, Bronze, Gun Metal, Gold, or Silver metallic powders.
These powders are applied to the inside of your mold prior to casting. The first step is to gather the materials that are needed. A fine bristled brush (Q-tip can also be used), your choice of Alumilite's Metallic Powder, and your mold.

Step 2 Brush metallic powder into mold

Next brush a thin even coat of the powder into the mold, cover thoroughly (a little goes a long way). Tap out excess onto a piece of paper and then funnel the excess powder on the paper back into the original container.

Step 3 Mix resin and pour into mold

Following the mixing directions for your casting resin and measure out amount needed. Stir for about 25 seconds until uniform color is reached. Slowly pour resin into your mold. Tipping the mold a little while you pour will help fill in any undercuts and reduce the chance of air bubbles. This should be done within the limits of the open time of your resin.

Step 4 Allow resin to cure

As your resin cures, it will transition from a liquid to a solid. The amount of time it takes to cure will be dependent on the particular resin and the mass of the cast part. The thinner the casting, the longer it will take to cure. Preheating your mold slightly in a microwave or conventional oven will assist thin parts and sections to cure more evenly.

Step 5 Demold your cast piece

Once the resin has cured and hardened, demold your cast piece. Your cast replica will have the exact
detail of your original with a metal finish.

Finished Project

Alumilite Metallic powders include Gold, Pewter, Bronze, Gun Metal, and Silver.