Alumilite’s Flexible Foam 5-8lb Density is an easy to use, versatile, high tear strength, 2 part expandable flexible foam. It’s ideal for making soft foam pieces and also is great for prototyping or casting cushions, vibration dampeners, or flexible nests/fixtures.

Once mixed, the 2 parts will chemically react and begin to expand before curing into a 3-5 lb density flexible foam in open molds or a 5-8 lb density foam in closed molds.

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Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets linked below.

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    ProductFlexible Foam 5-8lb. Density
    Mix Ratio (by Weight)1A:2B
    Work Time (100g mass @ 75 degrees F)10-25 seconds
    Rise Time (100g mass @ 75 degrees F)30-45 seconds
    Demold Time (100g mass @ 75 degrees F)10-15 minutes
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.)2000
    Full Cure72 hours
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) (psi)n/a
    Expansion3-5 times original volume
    Density3-8 lbs (based on open or closed mold)
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