Amazing Deep Pour

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Amazing Deep Pour epoxy is a 2-part, crystal-clear, deep casting resin that works wonderfully for projects that need pours thicker than 3/8”. Its convenient formula calls for a 2:1 ratio that will result in stunning projects with glass-like finishes. You can even pour multiple thick layers for projects over 2” deep.

For use on a variety of crafts by creators of all experience levels, it also helps keep encapsulations safe and beautiful! Customize your crafts with vibrant colors or exciting encapsulations containing glitter, glow powder, mica powder, and more!

Amazing Deep Pour epoxy resin is perfect for all kinds of unique projects ranging from river tables, live edge tables, furniture crafting, deep encapsulations and embeddings, charcuterie boards, serving trays, flower encapsulations, gear shift knobs, and so much more!

FDA-compliant: Amazing Deep Pour epoxy resin is compliant per FDA 21 CFR 175.300.

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

24 oz. Kit = 16 oz. A + 8oz. B

1.5 gal. Kit = 1 gal. A + .5 gal. B 

3 gal. Kit = 2 gal. A + 1 gal. B

6 gal. Kit = 4 gal. A + 2 gal. B

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
6 units
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Technical Specifications

Amazing Deep Pour
Mix Ratio:
2A:1B by volume
Work Time:
60-90 minutes
Demold Time:
24-72 hours
Full Cure Time:
5-7 days
Max Pour Depth:
Shore Hardness (ASTM D2240):
77-80 D
Heat Resistance:
400+ ºF
Heat Deflection Temperature:
129 ºF
FDA Compliant:
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
Specific Gravity:
Izod Impact (ASTM D-256, lb/in):
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638, psi):
Elongation (in./in.):

More Information

Prior to using product, please read all Technical Data, Safety Data, and Instruction sheets linked below.

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  • 5
    Deep Pour

    Posted by Whiskey Run Customs on Dec 8th 2020

    Absolutely amazing, made my 2" pour on my river coffee table. Within a few mi minutes all the bubbles from mixing were at the top. A quick run with the torch and it was crystal clear. I just got 6 more gallons in for two more coffee tables. I highly recommend this product. Wesley Hutchinson Whiskey Run Customs

  • 5
    Solid deep cure

    Posted by Seton Claggett on Dec 8th 2020

    I made my first river table with this deep pour. The table is 2.5” thick so I spread the pour into two pours in order to be safe. I waited two days between the pours and it turned out amazing.

  • 4
    Deep Pour

    Posted by Shannon on Dec 8th 2020

    I like the product- easy to use etc. But the cost plus shipping coupled with slow shipping, service etc has me on the move....

  • 5
    Deep Pour is truly amazing

    Posted by Robert (MCSP Solutions) on Dec 8th 2020

    When I first saw that Alumilite was offer a deep pour option that did not require a pressure pot to get good bubble free results I was both excited and skeptical. I’ve tried a few other deep pour options that produced less than stellar results but I had a customer request I needed to fulfill that was to large for my pressure pot so I decided to give Alumilite Amazing Deep Pour a shot. I did a small test cast first and was immediately impressed. Absolutely no bubbles, no imperfections, and crystal clear cured cast. I immediately attempted to begin the project to fulfill my customers request and once again ended up with perfect results. The final product has resulted in multiple similar orders just by “word of mouth marketing” from a very satisfied client. It looks like I will need to buy Amazing Deep Pour in larger amounts. Thank you Alumilite for this quality product.

  • 5
    Deep pour

    Posted by MichaelDot on Nov 16th 2020

    I poured about 7 gallons at once. Scary. I wanted a deep opaque black. I used the black dye and bought the biggest one because I had no idea how strong it was. I ended up using relatively little for that pour and it's jet black. No bubbles besides the ones created when I started the pour. Hit it with a torch a few times and it's glass smooth. My wife commented about how it just looked like a mirror. Unreal. Now I'm waiting on setup. Would like to submit some pics.

  • 5
    Handles for blades

    Posted by Art Vollrath on Nov 14th 2020

    Deep pour worked just fine no bubbles, and no pressure pot, some of my projects are to large to fit in my pressure pot, and that's when the Deep pour come into play. I just have to adjust to the long cute times. I usually use clear slow in the pot. I did an axe handle restoration for an Indian friend so I couldn't use the pot, there Deep Pour worked just perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by bill hutchison on Oct 9th 2020

    This stuff is great. I make slot cars and have used other products that turn my molds yellow and leave air bubbles in the window glass. This does not do that and i can demold it in 48 hours. Awesome and Amazing.