Alumilite durable plastics, rubbers, tools and materials have been used by hobbyist to easily bring their ideas to life.

  • Make mold cars, trucks, trains and parts - Alumilite resin produces durable plastic rubber and foam molds for any model you want to make.
  • Create sceneries, tunnels and building - Use Alumilite resin to create real-life looking plastic, foam and rubber structures .
  • Create figurines - Use Alumilite products to mold and give detail to your custom collection of figurines.
  • Dyes & colors - Use Alumilite dyes & colors to give the parts you mold an eye-catching finish. View Alumilite's dyes & colors.


Model Trains

Construction Truck Models

Caboose Model

Model Cars & Trucks

Model Buildings

Water & Landscape Scenery

Toy Truck Models

Custom Model Hot Rods

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Miniture Golf Cart Models

Miniature Models

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Gas Station Model

Gas Station Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Caboose Train Model

Model Train Engine

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Convertible Car Model

Convertible Car Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - School House Model

School House Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Building Model

Building Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Train Model

Train Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Train Engine Model

Train Engine Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Modern House Model

Modern House Model

Alumilite Hobbies Supplies - Boat model

Boat Model


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