Celebration Kit

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Impress your friends and family by creating their gifts with our limited-time online-only Celebration Bundle! It also makes the perfect gift for a fellow crafter like you!


Unwrap this gift to find…


Our Celebration Bundle includes a collection of hand-picked products and accessories to help you make stylish resin crafts like custom charcuterie boards, servings trays, coasters, jewelry, … the list goes on! Create custom décor for any everyday celebration or fashion your loved ones’ next favorite gift.


Purchasing this bundle also means you’ll save 20% on the total of the individual products!


Here’s what you get in each bundle:


  • One 16-ounce kit of Amazing Quick Coat Epoxy
  • One 1-ounce bottle of Alumilite White Resin Dye
  • One 1-ounce bottle of Alumilite Black Resin Dye
  • One .5-ounce pack of Polycolor Bronze Galaxy Glitter Resin Glitter
  • One .5-ounce pack of Polycolor Silver Glitter Resin Glitter
  • One mixing cup set


What’s better than a handmade gift or the chance to pass along creativity? Friends and family alike are guaranteed to adore anything that you bring to life with Alumilite’s Celebration Bundle.