Pump Dispenser (1 ounce, fits 1 gallon bottles)

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When resins are used often, hand pump dispensers can assist with easier dispensing and less mess. These dispensers fit our half gallon* and 1 gallon bottles. One complete press of the pump yields approximately 1 fluid ounce of product.

Please note that thinner resins such as urethanes pump much easier, while more viscous resins such as epoxy take more effort to dispense. In addition, while these pumps make for easier dispensing, they may not be accurate enough for some resins. Measuring pump volume dispensed should be checked to ensure proper mix ratio and should be done on a regular basis. 

*When used with half gallon bottles, draw tube must be cut shorter to fit completely into the bottle.  Cut on an angle ¼ inch from bottom of bottle.

Pumps used with urethane resins may need to be replaced more frequently due to moisture sensitivity & interaction with the pump.

Contains: 1 pump

Each pump sold separately. Pump style may vary from picture shown.



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    Posted by Stacy on Apr 25th 2021

    Bought two, after a couple months the pump on Part A went. Super annoying to lift gallon jugs to try to pour ounces :/

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    Broken after 7 months

    Posted by Lindsay on Apr 2nd 2021

    I really enjoyed having the pumps initially but after only 7 months and probably 15 times using it, the pump is now broken so I am having to pour out of gallon size bottles which is not easy. Really don't want to spend another $10 for one pump so might have to look at other options.

  • 5
    Super handy!

    Posted by Nicole (Fairies And Fancies) on Dec 9th 2020

    I really like these! I will say that you shouldn't depend on the pumps to measure your resin, they are only for DISPENSING it (pump resin into accurate measuring cups for correct measurements). I did have a tiny bit of resin drip out after use, which was fixed by me simply wiping off the tips of the pumps after using (no drips now). Makes dispensing so much easier and cleaner. Sometimes you gotta muscle them a bit as it's thick resin, so if you have very weak hands/arms these may be a bit hard for you to use (especially in colder weather).

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    Posted by alyssa on Sep 3rd 2020

    Make sure you place your gallons on something protective if you’re going to use these pumps. Very inconsistent, wasted so much resin, pumps leak everywhere. Still waiting on customer service to reply after 3 days

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    Works just not consistent

    Posted by MARTIN LOUIS POLES on Aug 8th 2020

    Since using the pumps my projects haven't been curing correctly, I'm assuming that the pumps aren't giving me equal parts A and B

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    pump 1 oz

    Posted by scott tolle on Aug 3rd 2020

    works great for the part a but leaks on part b draining on the table after use