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Casting Resins and Silicone Mold Making Rubber
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Alumilite's High Strength 2

The High Strength 2 silicone mold making rubber is a great all purpose silicone as it is flexible, extremely tear resistant, has a low viscosity that does not require degassing (although always recommended if capable), and is very easy to mix. The High Strength 2 is a tin base silicone. It is recommended for one piece molds, molds with undercuts, multi piece molds, and molds that require a very high tear strength.

Sizes available for online order:

Alumilite's High Strength 2 Photo
Alumilite's High Strength 2 - 1 lb. Pink
Alumilite's High Strength 2 Photo
Alumilite's High Strength 2 - 5 lb. Pink
Alumilite's High Strength 2 Photo
Alumilite's High Strength 2 - 10 lb. Pink
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):
High Strength 2&3.pdf

Technical Details:

Product Mix Ratio Mixed Viscosity (cps.) Open Time Demold Time Specific Gravity Shore A Hardness Color Linear Shrink (%) Tear Strength (ppi) Tensile Strength (psi) Elong-ation Temp. Range (F) Vacuum Required
Alumilite's High Strength 2 10:1 18,000 1 hrs. 18 hrs. 1.15 20-23 A Pink .48 145 550 500% -67 to 395 No
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