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How to cast slot car
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Casting a Slot Car

You are now ready to cast your first slot car body. Mix equal amounts of Alumilite Regular into a paper cup. (Remember to always preheat your mold in a microwave for a minute on high or in a conventional oven for 20-30 minutes at 140 prior to casting - this will help the thin sections set up properly) Also, make sure to shake the 'B' side if using Alumilite Regular before measuring.

Once the resin is mixed thoroughly, slowly pour the resin into the mold. Fill the cavity to the bottom of the car body.

Take the second half of the mold and slowly lay it into the first cavity to squish the excess out. You can see we also poked two holes in the top of our mold to help vent the two mounting stems on the inside of the car. You can do this by taking a small brass tube and twisting it up from the point in the mold where the two stems are located. This will allow the resin and any trapped air escape from that point.

Wait approximately 7-10 minutes to demold. You should be able to tell the resin is solidified from the excess that was squished out of the mold. If your parts are taking longer than 10 minutes to demold and/or if the parts are soft when demolding, try warming your mold up more prior to casting.

Separate the two halves of the mold to remove your cast piece.

Remove your cast piece and trim the flash off with an Exacto or Excell knife.

You now have an exact replica of your original slot car body.

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